"Catch the Dream"


Future Foundations Family Center's slogan created by area youth was the driving force behind years of planning and coordination for the development of Future Foundations Family Center.  The dream was to create a safe place for youth to participant in productive activities. The dream expanded by providing services for the entire family.


Future Foundations Family Center, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization with a diverse Board of Directors, has its roots in the tragic murder of Crystal La Pierre, a 12 year-old middle school student. This 1993 incident was a wake-up call like no other and community leaders have wisely chosen to invest like never before in Cibola County's greatest resource, our children.


Since 1994, staff and board members have managed to raise well over 5 million dollars to construct the building and provide needed services to children and families of Cibola County. The facility and programs are sustained 40% by grants and donations obtained by FFFC Staff, 40% by the City of Grants/Grants Recration and 20% from Cibola County.


Programs at the Center are vast and varied providing a healthy mix of recreation, education,  and prevention.  All programs place an emphisis on delinquency prevention, youth involvement and work-force development.


Funding Sources:

Cibola County- Afterschool Program/Operations for NMSU Extension office

City of Grants Recreation-All year recreation programs (youth and adults), summer programs, building operation support, and staffing

NM Dept. of Health- Grant funding for Prevention Programs

NMSU- Teen Pregnancy Prevention

NM Youth Conservation Corps

Private foundation grants, fundraising, and donations


Our History

The future Foundations Family Center, a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization was founded after the tragic murder of a 12 year old middle school student, Crystal La Pierre, at the hands of three local juveniles.  The August 1993 incident was a wake-up call like no other, and community leaders have wisely chosen to invest like never before in Cibola County’s greatest resource, our children.

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